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The purpose of the Corrections Division (Jail) is to protect the community through full-time control and supervision of criminal convicts who are serving active sentence(s). 

This division consists of 2 sergeants, 1 part-time sergeant, 1 Local Inmate Data System ( LIDS ) supervisor, and 10 deputies.   The jail staff handle bookings, processing inmates into and out of the jail, attend to inmate medical matters, transport inmates for court appearances and medical appointments, and perform general supervision of inmates within the jail setting.  

Trained in all aspects of their job from the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy, the deputies are all certified in first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.  Each deputy receives recertification training as mandated by the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The jail is Unconditionally Certified by the Virginia Board of Corrections.  This certification requires the facility to meet more than 200 separate standards related to jail operations.  The certification is valid for three years; the latest state compliance audit was in October, 2005.


The jail kitchen prepares 75-90 meals each day, prepare the menus at least two weeks in advance, order the food and related kitchen supplies, and supervise inmates assigned to the kitchen.   The kitchen operates under a restaurant license issued by the Virginia Department of Health.  Thanks to the work of the cooks, the jail kitchen has always received high ratings by state health inspectors.




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